Minisymposium and Contributed Sessions Schedule


Parallel Session 1 (10:15-11:55)

Baeknok Hall
MS4-1: Domain Decomposition with Adaptive Coarse Spaces in Finite Element and Isogeometric Applications

BDDC Algorithms with Adaptive Choices of the Primal Constraints
Olof B. Widlund

Robust Constraint Selection in BDDC Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Problems
Clark R. Dohrmann

BDDC and FETI-DP Methods with Enriched Coarse Spaces for Elliptic Problems with Oscillatory and High Contrast Coefficients
Hyea Hyun Kim

On Three Different Approaches to Adaptive Coarse spaces for FETI-DP Methods
Axel Klawonn

MS3-1: Space-Time Domain Decomposition Methods

A Direct Time Parallel Solver for Wave Propagation
Laurence Halpern

Geometric Integration and the Parareal Algorithm
Martin Gander

Time Parallel Numerical Solution of Skin Transport and Black Hole Formation
Rolf Krause

Parallel Space-Time Multigrid Solvers
Martin Neumüller

CT-1: Domain Decomposition Methods for Applications

A Domain Decomposition Method for Quasilinear Elliptic PDEs Using Mortar Finite Elements
Matthias Gsell

Unified Framework for Overlapping and Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Methods for the Total Variation Minimization
Changmin Nam

Augmented Krylov Iterations in Domain Decomposition Methods
Valery Ilin

Parallel Session 2 (16:00-17:40)

Baeknok Hall
MS4-2: Domain Decomposition with Adaptive Coarse Spaces in Finite Element and Isogeometric Applications

Adaptive BDDC Methods for Raviart-Thomas Vector Fields
Stefano Zampini

IGA: Some New Developments and Applications
Yuri Bazilevs

Overlapping Schwarz Preconditioners for Isogeometric Collocation Methods
Durkbin Cho

Smoothers for Efficient Multigrid Methods in IGA
Stefan Takacs

MS3-2: Space-Time Domain Decomposition Methods

Space-Time CFOSLS (Constrained First Order System Least Squares) Methods
Panayot Vassilevski

Space-Time Finite and Boundary Element Methods
Olaf Steinbach

Convergence of DNWR and NNWR Methods for Two-dimensional Hyperbolic Problems
Bankim Mandal

CT-2: Optimized Schwarz Methods

Optimized Schwarz Methods Analyzed by Separation of Variables
Yingxiang Xu

GetDDM: an Open Framework for Testing Optimized Schwarz Methods for Time-harmonic Wave Problems
Bertrand Thierry

Schur Domain Decomposition in Time for Hamiltonian Systems
Tromeur-Dervout Damien

Schwarz Waveform Relaxation Method for Schrödinger Equation with General Potential
Feng Xing


Parallel Session 3 (10:15-11:55)

MS5-1: Domain Decomposition and High Performance Computing

Multilevel Balancing Domain Decomposition at Extreme Scales
Santiago Badia

PermonCube and ESPRESO: Massively Parallel Generator and Hybrid FETI Solver
Lubomír Říha

Algorithmic Aspects of Coarse Space Construction
Pierre Jolivet

Design and Implementation of Subdomain Local Solvers for Modern Supercomputers
Hiroshi Kawai

CT-3: Fast Solvers for Nonlinear and Unsteady Problems

Comparison of Nonlinear Domain Decomposition Schemes for Coupled Electromechanical Problems
Alexandre Halbach

Three-level Explicit Schemes for Unsteady Convection-Diffusion Problems
Petr Vabishchevich

A Preconditioned Inexact Newton Algorithm for Steady State Lattice Boltzmann Equations
Xiao-Chuan Cai

A Time-Decomposition Approach for the Semilinear Wave Equation
Hyun Lim

Parallel Session 4 (14:00-15:40)

Baeknok Hall
MS7-1: Efficient Solvers for Electromagnetic Problems

Computational Advances in Quasi-optimal Domain Decomposition Methods for Time-harmonic Electromagnetic Wave Problems
Nicolas Marsic

Schwarz Preconditioning of High Order Edge Elements Type Discretizations for the Time-harmonic Maxwell's Equations
Marcella Bonazzoli

A Geometry-aware Integral Equation Domain Decomposition Method for Maxwell's Equations
Zhen Peng

Analysis of Block-Jacobi Preconditionners for Local Multi-trace Formulations
Xavier Claeys

MS5-2: Domain Decomposition and High Performance Computing

Hybridization of FETI Methods
Roberto Molina

Parallel Implementation of BDDC for Mixed-Hybrid Formulation of Flow in Porous Media
Jakub Šístek

Nonlinear Preconditioner for Full-space Lagrange-Newton-Krylov Algorithms with applications in PDE-constrained Optimization Problems
Feng-Nan Hwang

Numerical Simulation of the Earth's Core Convection on Many-Core Platforms
Changmao Wu

CT-4: Domain Decomposition Methods with Lagrange Multipliers

An Efficient Algorithm for Stokes System Arising from a Regularized Domain Decomposition Method with Lagrange Multiplier
Junxian Wang

A Localized Version of Mortar Method for a Treatment of Dissimilar Interfaces
Yeo-Ul Song

Augmented Lagrangian Domain Decomposition Method for a Crack with Friction and Uniform Pressure
Sebastien Court

FETI for Symmetric Saddle-point Problems
Ange Toulougoussou


Parallel Session 5 (10:15-11:55)

Baeknok Hall
MS6: Domain Decomposition Methods and Parallel Computing for Optimal Control and Inverse Problems

Parallel Domain Decomposition Based Algorithm for Large-scale Image Denoising
Rongliang Chen

Bayesian Approach for an Elliptic Inverse Problem
Xuemin Tu

Block Decomposition Methods for Total Variation by Primal-Dual Stitching
Hyenkyun Woo

A parallel space-time domain decomposition method for unsteady source inversions
Jun Zou

CT-5: Efficient Methods and Solvers for Applications

A Locking-free Hybrid DGFEM for Nearly Incompressible Materials
Daisuke Koyama

Shape Design Problem of Waveguide by Controlling Resonance Poles
Takashi Kako

Application of the BDDC Method for Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
Martin Hanek

A Minimax Control Strategy for Domain Decomposition of Parabolic Equations
Mykhaylo Zayats

Parallel Session 6 (14:50-16:30)

Baeknok Hall
MS7-2: Efficient Solvers for Electromagnetic Problems

Optimized Schwarz Methods for Heterogeneous Helmholtz and Maxwell's Equations
Victorita Dolean

From Surface Equivalence Principle to Modular Domain Decomposition
Florian Muth

Parallel Implementation of FETI-2LM for Large Problems with Many Right-hand-sides in Computational Electromagnetics
Francois-Xavier Roux

Efficient Domain Decomposition Techniques Using Pade Approximants for the Helmholtz Equation
Yassine Boubendir

MS14: Tutorial for Domain Decomposition on Heterogenous HPC

Heterogenous HPC Architecture & Trends
Junard Lee

OpenACC Programming
Hyungon Ryu

CUDA Programming
Hyungon Ryu

Accelerate Example
Hyungon Ryu

MS11-1: Birthday Minisymposium Ralf Kornhuber (60th Birthday)

Multiscale Discretization by Subspace Decomposition
Ralf Kornhuber

Nonsmooth Schur Newton Methods for Nonsmooth Saddle-point Problems
Carsten Graeser

Extreme Scale Solvers for Coupled Systems
Gabriel Wittum

Fast Elliptic Solvers for Extreme Computing
David Keyes

Parallel Session 7 (17:00-18:40)

Baeknok Hall
CT-6: Multiphysics Problems

Domain-Decomposition-Based Fluid Structure Interaction Methods using Nonlinear Anisotropic Arterial Wall Models
Alexander Heinlein

A Domain Decomposition Method for Large Scale Simulation of Two-phase Flows with Moving Contact Lines
Li Luo

A New Preconditioned Monolithic Fluid-Structure-Interaction Solver
Huidong Yang

MS8: Domain Decomposition Methods for Multiscale PDEs

BDDC Preconditioners for Nonlinear Cardiac Mechanics
Luca Pavarino

Two-level Methods for Multiscale Time-Dependent Problems
Felix Kwok

BDDC for Weak Galerkin Methods
Xuemin Tu

Domain Decomposition for Mixed Finite Element Method for Multiscale Problem
Xuejun Xu

MS11-2: Birthday Minisymposium Ralf Kornhuber (60th Birthday)

Linear and Non-Linear Preconditioning
Martin Gander

Globally Convergent Multigrid Approaches for Nonlinear Problems
Rolf Krause

The Method of Subspace Correction and Beyond
Jinchao Xu


Parallel Session 8 (9:00-10:40)

Baeknok Hall
MS12: Recent Approaches to Nonlinear Domain Decomposition Methods

Domain Decomposition Methods for Nonlinear Fluid-structure Interaction Problems
Xiao-Chuan Cai

Domain Decomposition Methods in Computational Scale Bridging for Extreme Scale Computations
Oliver Rheinbach

Nonlinear Schwarz Preconditioning
David Keyes

Nonlinear FETI-DP and BDDC Methods - Towards Computing on the Extreme Scale
Axel Klawonn

CT-7: Coarse Space Selection Strategies

A New Enriched Multiscale Coarse Space for Average Additive Schwarz Method
Leszek Marcinkowski

A New Harmonically Enriched Multiscale Coarse Space for Domain Decomposition Methods
Atle Loneland

Relaxing the Role of Corners in BDDC with Perturbed Formulation
Hieu Nguyen

DD Methods on Irregular Subdomains
Erik Eikeland